Applause is open to people of all ages. Currently, the oldest Applausician is 16 years old. Young-at-heart adults may also join. You do not need to be a string player to join, as we accept woodwinds and brass as well. If you want to join and play piano, you need to also play another instrument, as we already have one pianist who also plays clarinet. We cannot have more than one person playing piano at a time.

All people wanting to audition for Applause may come to two rehearsals in row at no charge to see if Applause is a commitment that the student is wanting to make, and for the teachers to see if the student is ready to join Applause.

Applause practices once a week during the school year (currently in Martinez), every Friday at 4:00 p.m. for 2 hours. During the summer we rehearse less often to accommodate everybody's summer schedules, as it is very hard to rehearse without everybody present.

During the school year, Applause costs $60 a month, even if you are absent. In the summer, Applause costs $15 per session.

Once in a while, additional fees may occur, such as the purchasing of certain props (many are supplied by the teachers at no cost), replacing lost props, and the purchasing of the Applause concert attire. For concerts, Applausicians wear an Applause t-shirt, black pants, black socks, and black comfortable and flat shoes.

Applausicians are responsible for memorizing their music in a very timely manner and coming to all rehearsals. At each rehearsal, many choreographed ideas develop from everybody's input. So, the musicians are not only learning their music, but they become choreographers. They are also encouraged to come up with ideas for new pieces to be learned.

If you are interested in joining Applause, please fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the word audition application below. Thanks for your interest in joining Applause!