The Performers



"Hello, my name is Erika March, and I am the bassist, violinist, trombonist, vocalist etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I am a freshman at Alhambra high School and am currently 15. I helped start this group when I was your age, and I had to walk to rehearsals, uphill, both ways, in the snow. Now, as the only remaining applausician from the original group, I giggle with Kerry and Gretchen about things from the first years. I play lots of instruments, including (in order of experience): violin, trombone, bass, voice, ukulele, guitar, oboe, and maracas. I live in various theatres around the area, such as the Willows Theatre (Children’s Letters to God, Into the Woods, RENT, Beauty and the Beast), Townhall Theatre (Urinetown) and now in the Alhambra Theatre (Guys and Dolls). Between playing with Applause and juggling various shows around, I also have fun with the Antioch Strolling Strings, Alhambra Jazz band, Alhambra marching/ concert band, Alhambra orchestra, lessons with Kerry, and vocal lessons. I like waffles, microscopes, and the TV show Bones. I don’t like orange tans, ugly sweaters, and blue cheese.”
“Hello, my name is Noah Elder and I am a cellist.  I have been playing cello since I was a wee little lad of 7 years.  I have been playing in Applause for THREE years and have found it amazingly, interestingly, and excitingly fun! I also played the French horn for a year, but it made my mouth taste weird and caused too much spit buildup.

If you are wondering, I am going into 10th grade and attend Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California.  I play soccer and tennis and enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I am in Boy Scout Troop 224 and like to camp and fish.  I have had an awesome time in Applause this year and I am super duper excited for summer. This is my wonderful life”

"Hi! My name is Paul Andreini. I am a violinist with Applause Kids. I have been in Applause for 2 years now. I think Applause is awesome. The music is a challenge for me, which I am thankful for, because it takes me in new directions beyond school orchestra.

I am also really good at making video games and all other stuff that has to do with computers. I think computers hold my destiny because I want to start a computer company that will one day overthrow Microsoft. Mwahahahaha!!! Hey, just look for me in the next Applause concert. I'm the guy with green (favorite color) writing on my T-Shirt."

"Hey everyone! I'm Alaina Nelson and this is my first year in Applause. I go to MJHS, where I am currently an 8th grader going on to be a Freshman at AHS a couple months (YAY!!!). I play the flute, violin, tenor saxaphone, clarinet, and I sing. As well as being part of the amazing Applause group, I'm also in numerous groups such as Jazz Band, Improv Club, and Chior. I also do the school musical. Last year I was Nancy in Oliver Twist and this year I starred as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Theater and other stage performances are practically my life, and I'm almost never too far away from a musical instrument or a microphone. I love to play soccer and volleyball, and I go backpacking every summer. I hope you enjoy the show!!!"